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Introducing: Seasonal Workers

Seasonal workers have the right to the same protections as year-round employees.

As we move into summer, seasonal jobs are blooming around the province in industries from construction to hospitality.

A seasonal worker is someone that you employ only for part of the year to do a job that is only needed for that part of the year.

Seasonal workers include:

  • Roofers
  • Road workers
  • Summer camp staff
  • Lifeguards at outdoor pools
  • Groundskeepers at golf courses, zoos and schools
  • Conservation officers
  • Fishers and loggers
  • Window cleaners

Seasonal workers are exposed to all the hazards that a year-round worker would be exposed to in the same job. There are some hazards that are specific to the summer months, such as sunburn and sunstroke. As well, seasonal workers might not receive sufficient training or supervision, due to the busyness of the summer season and staff being away for summer vacation.

Returning seasonal workers need retraining, just like a permanent worker who is assigned new tasks and responsibilities. They may have forgotten some of the details of hazard recognition and control, or new hazards may have appeared in the workplace since their last working season.

Seasonal workers have the same right to a healthy and safe workplace as other workers and their employers, whether a private home owner, contractor or company have the same responsibilities.

Checklist – Employers’ Responsibilities for Seasonal Workers

  • Ensure workers are licensed or certified and WCB insured
  • Ensure all workers know of the job hazards
  • Update and document worker training each season before they begin work
  • Actively supervise daily work and implement and enforce safe work procedures
  • Receive, investigate and document all worker related concerns, incidents, injuries, illnesses and near misses without any discrimination towards the worker
  • Communicate the results of all investigations to workers and inform them of any corrective action that will or will not be taken and why
  • Provide workers with Personal Protective Equipment that is well fitted and functioning as required
  • Make first aid, bathrooms, washing facilities and safe drinking water accessible to workers at all times