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Apply now! HR Excellence Awards 2016

The prestigious Business Excellence Awards – including the Health, Wellness and Safe Workplace Award – recognize key professional practices of Human Resource Professionals.

Submit your nominations by December 15, 2015!

The organizations that HRMAM recognizes ensure that their employees stay healthy, well and safe, protecting them and the organization, using all measures at their disposal. Winners:

  • Understand the legislation, regulations and standards.
  • Increase organizational awareness and compliance and managing risk.
  • Implement health, safety, and wellness policies, procedures, roles and responsibilities for leaders and employees.
  • Ensure compliance through training, monitoring and providing appropriate safeguards and disability management.
  • Endorse healthy lifestyles, educate employees and provide opportunities for enhancement of wellness.
  • Establish a proactive approach to mental health and psychological well-being in the workplace.
  • Use sound measurement that tracks against relevant individual and business priorities.

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Download application information for the Health, Wellness and Safe Workplace Award