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2016 Presentations

AMSP Presentations – Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Opening Introduction to Human Factors in Safety – Dave Fennell

Building the New Provincial Certification and Incentive Framework – Jamie Hall

Leadership vs. Management vs. Culture…How Does This Relate to Your Legal Duties? – Shilo Neveu

Work Plans, New Structure and What to Expect on a WS&H Visit/Inspection – Marty Danielson

Professional Ethics – BCRSP Presentation

Human Factors in Safety – Dave Fennell

Conference Presentations – Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Resilience: Developing Mental Toughness – David Falk

Introduction to SAFE Committee Basics – Jack Slessor

Risk Tolerance – Understanding the 10 Influencing Factors of Risk Acceptance – Dave Fennell

Incident Investigation: Legal Tips and Tricks for Employers and Workers – Shilo Neveu

How to Become an Effective Safety Leader – Jamie Hall

WHMIS After GHS: Current Status and Resources – Anne-Marie Besliu

Better Safe Than Sorry: Dealing with Substance Abuse in the Workplace – Joel Gervais

Change Management for Your Life – Wendy Hofford

Understanding Workplace Mental Health and Psychological Safety – Don Smith

Distracted Driving in Manitoba – Patrick Krawec, MPI

Automated External Defibrillator – The History and Use – Dave Dyck

Conference Presentations – Thursday, January 21, 2016

Return to Work Programs – The Important Things to Remember – WCB

Human Rights in the SAFE Workplace (Parts 1 and 2) – Simon Gillingham

Understanding Workplace Safety and Health Enforcement – Tyler Chivers

5 Ways to Make Your Safety Training Engaging and Interactive – Ron Bartlette

Communicating Well…Even Under Pressure – Jackie Hunt

Getting the Most Out of Your Incident Investigations – Jeffrey Olsson

Workplace First Aid Includes Mental Health – Mireille Cyr-Hansen

Musculoskeletal Injury Prevention – Roland Reenders

Gary Anaka’s keynote presentation, Your Brain on the Job, is available as an e-book – download it for $4.99