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Dana Johnson now a registered CRSP!

We are very proud to announce that Dana Johnson, one of SSM’s skilled trainers and Professional Safety Consultants, has completed all requirements for certification as a Canadian Registered Safety Professional (CRSP).

This highly respected certification is awarded to individuals who meet academic standards, satisfy professional practical experience requirements and have passed the rigorous CRSP Examination. Dana dedicated her time and skills to achieving this goal, and we are proud to have supported her during her endeavour. The designation gives Dana an enhanced ability to continue providing exceptional service to SSM’s clients.

“The process at first seems daunting,” said Dana, “but the application is easy to understand. You just need to follow all of the instructions. I was fortunate to have [fellow SSM employees] David Erl and Adam Paoletic to assist me in the process, and the University of New Brunswick  staff assisted as well in getting my certificate sent off to BCRSP. The BCRSP staff were also extremely helpful and easy to deal with when I had questions.”

Though she describes the phone call from the CRSP Regional Screening Committee to schedule her interview as “a nail biting moment,” she ultimately found that it led to a great discussion with two BCRSP members who made the process far less stressful. “I may have had to put my nose to the grindstone and study hard to get it there,” said Dana, “but I was lucky to have a very supportive family, the help of SSM Director of Occupational Health and Safety David Erl and a very supportive workplace.”

Canadian Registered Safety Professionals offer in-depth knowledge of occupational safety and health principles and practices and apply this knowledge to develop systems in order to achieve optimum control over hazards in the workplace. But to Dana, it means even more.

“I realized how important it was to have this designation,” Dana told us. “I know many CRSPs and I’ve always looked up to them. Now, knowing how hard that they’ve all had to work to get there, I have a newfound respect for each and every one of them.”

“To me, being a CRSP means I’ve made it to the top of my profession,” Dana continued. “Now I sit at the same level as all of those other professionals that I have so much respect for. The CRSP is a very well respected designation across Canada, there aren’t many people that hold it. I feel honoured to be one of them.”

Congratulations, Dana!