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2017 Presentations

AMSP Presentations – Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Leading Indicators as Useful Tools for Managing Safety Culture and Supporting Safety Leadership – Dr. Ben Amick, Institute for Work and Health

SAFE Work Certified: Setting the Standard for Safety in Manitoba – Jamie Hall, COO, SAFE Work Manitoba

BCRSP Presentation and “What it Means to be a CRSP” – Tom Regehr, BCRSP

Be the Best Change Agent you Can Be – Alan Quilley, CRSP

2017 Keynote Presentations

Relieving Stress With Humour (Handout) – Judy Croon

Start – Stop – Continue (Handout) – Alan Quilley, CRSP

Conference Presentations – Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Stand Up to Stress and Difficult People with Humour: Taming Hecklers (Handout) – Judy Croon

Musculoskeletal Injury Prevention – Roland Reenders, SAFE Work Manitoba

Leadership: Effective Training Programs – Dr. Ben Amick, Institute for Work and Health

Introduction to Investigating Workplace Incidents (Two Parts) – Jack Slessor, SAFE Work Manitoba

How to Hold GREAT Safety Meetings – “These Meetings Don’t Suck Anymore!” – Alan Quilley, CRSP

Shifting the Conversation: Addressing Psychosocial Risk Factors and Stress Management – Emma Nicolson and Sue Freeman, CCOHS

Psychological Health and Safety – Make it the Standard – Sue Roth, SAFE Work Manitoba, and Geoffrey Thompson, MFL Occupational Health Centre

Conference Presentations – Thursday, January 26, 2017

Building Personal Resilience – Small Investments for Big Payoffs (Part One) – Shannon Gander, Facilitated Solutions

Building Personal Resilience – Small Investments for Big Payoffs (Part Two)

Whiplash – A Paradigm Shift: Facts, Myths and the Untold Truth – Joe Tataryn, Birds Hill Physiotherapy

Journey to Zero Harm: Changing Culture One Person and One Day at a Time – Kirk Regular, Vale Canada

Mock First Aid Accident Scene: Investigation Techniques – Dave Dyck, Safety Services Manitoba

The Challenge of Drug Impaired Driving – Adam Cheadle, Manitoba Public Insurance

Implementing Strategic Wellness Programming – Kent Blackmon, City of Winnipeg, and Michelle Walker, Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries

Occupational Hygiene Testing and Analysis – Michael Boileau, SAFE Work Manitoba

Due Diligence: Are we Speaking the Same Language? – GaryL’Heureux, Day & Ross Transportation Group