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Don’t Slip, Trip or Fall into the New Year

In Canada alone, roughly 42,000 people a year are hurt from fall accidents at work. Recognizing risks as soon as you enter a situation can help reduce your chances of becoming an injury statistic.

Learn how to identify the risks in your environment by familiarizing yourself with the following hazards:

Slips – Occur when there’s a loss of friction between you and the surface you’re walking on. Uneven surfaces and inclement weather mean that our winter months often create conditions ideal for slipping hazards; take smaller steps and make wider turns around corners to maintain friction and balance.

Trips – Happen when your foot comes into contact with another object or surface and causes you to lose balance. Common tripping hazards are poor lighting, clutter, exposed cables or vision obstructions. Ensure you’re practicing good housekeeping habits by keeping areas free of equipment and other potential obstacles.

Falls – Often occur as a result of a trip or a slip. To avoid falling, take careful inventory of your surroundings, adjust your pace so that it’s suitable for the environment you’re in and keep an eye out for the signs of tripping and slipping hazards noted above.

For more information on how to avoid slips, trips and falls, see the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety.