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Stop Safely in Slippery Conditions

Brake early, and brake often

As we draw closer to the long awaited spring months, we’re greeted by warm weather and shining sunlight. Unfortunately, with those two things come very slippery roads.
Snow melting in the daytime and then freezing again overnight causes roads to become icy and slick. Knowing how to brake safely in these conditions can be the difference between a skidding to a stop, or skidding into a fender bender.
  • Be aware of your distance. Not only does maintaining some extra room allow you more time to stop, but it also keeps your visibility clear from spray that larger vehicles might give off from wet or dirty roads.
  • Try and stay in the middle lanes as much as possible. Water often pools from snow melt and rain in the curb lanes and after driving through water, brakes can lose some of their traction. Plus, pedestrians on the sidewalk will likely thank you for avoiding the splash lane.
  • If you have no other option than to drive through water, pump your brakes lightly a few times afterwards when traffic allows. This dries the brake linings and increases your stopping power.
As always, when roads are slippery factor more time in your commute to allow for the conditions. Drive slowly, take wide turns and brake well in advance.
If you want to brush up on more tips for your spring driving, you can find this information and more at Manitoba Public Insurance.