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Driving Safely in the Spring

Despite the lingering snow melting away, we have officially entered the long-awaited spring season! 

Before you put your winter driving habits away with your parka and mittens, take a look at some of the common road hazards that occur in the springtime.


Potholes: Chances are if you live in Manitoba, you are more than familiar with potholes. Most potholes develop in the curb lane where excess water accumulates from snowmelt and rain. Keep your eyes peeled and scan the road up 10-12 seconds in front of you; if you spot a pothole you want to avoid, don’t swerve suddenly! You may accidentally hit another driver. Instead, carefully switch lanes or slow down as much as possible to drive safely over the pothole at a reduced speed.


Flooding: April showers bring May flowers, but they also bring curb-side splash zones. Along with rain, melting snow and ice can drastically reduce your vehicle’s traction on the road. Stopping takes longer on slippery roads, which means you need to be mindful of your speed and your distance between other road users, including cyclists! Puddles can also camouflage potholes, so if possible, change lanes to avoid them.


Wildlife: Spring is a very busy time for animal activity. Some animals are emerging from a long winter hibernation, some are in the early stages of their mating season and some are embarking on a long migration back north. As a driver, you need to be cautious around dusk and dawn when animals are most active, especially on highways that have brush and bushes that may act as hiding places for wildlife.