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“Speed Fines Double”

Just because workers aren’t present doesn’t mean you won’t get fined for speeding in construction zones.

Reduced speed limits in construction zones are designed to keep workers on-site safe. However, construction zones can be dangerous places for drivers too if people aren’t abiding by the designated rules and regulations.

Speeding, even when there aren’t any workers present, can still result in a hefty fine. When road work is taking place, roads are often re-routed and altered to accommodate the construction. While most people assume that the reduced speed limits are strictly for worker safety, those same speed limits are enforced to keep drivers safe and help them adjust to changes in terrain and routes.

Did you know? 
Manitoba has some of the highest speeding fines in North America.

Not only do you risk your own safety and the safety of others by speeding in construction zones, you run the risk of getting fined double the amount of a standard speeding ticket (with or without workers present)!

KM Over Speed Limit  Fine Construction Zone Fine
10 km
$181.50  $312.25
15 km $246.25 $442.75
20 km $312.25 $705.25
30 km $442.75 $835.75

For more information about how speeding affects everyone on the road, check out Manitoba Public Insurance’s informative pamphlet.