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Don’t Be Safety Blind This Spring

Warmer roads aren’t always safer roads when it comes to spring driving.

Winter may have come to an end in Manitoba, but don’t let the warmer weather fool you (or your driving). There are still many hazards to look out for on the road, so stay safe this spring by slowing down, being aware of your surroundings and driving to the conditions.

Wet Conditions 
Melting snow and ice can make driving more challenging in spring as water collects on the roads. Stay in the middle lanes as much as possible as water tends to pool in the curb lanes. It only takes a bit of spray on your windshield to reduce visibility, so make sure to top up windshield wiper fluid and ensure your wiper blades are in good shape.

Drivers beware – pothole season in Manitoba is upon us. Potholes are often hidden in puddles or the curb lane but are avoidable by being aware of your surroundings, slowing down and steering around them. If you can’t avoid a pothole, reduce your speed and break lightly.

Share the road 
The changing of seasons also means an increase in traffic on the road. Share the road by giving cyclists and motorcyclists plenty of room, check your blind spots as you turn or change lanes since they can be difficult to see. Pedestrians will also be out enjoying the sunshine, so keep an eye out and don’t forget to stop at all crosswalks.

Don’t be blinded by the warm weather, spring still presents dangerous road conditions and when it comes to the road, you can never be too safe.

For more information and tips on how to drive safe this spring, visit Manitoba Public Insurance.