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Words of Wisdom from a Mature Driver

“At some point in life — whether years from now or much sooner — you might look in the mirror and honestly ask yourself, ‘Is it still safe for me to be operating a vehicle?'”

Mature drivers were recently at the forefront of a CBC article about the challenges they face on the road. The article cites MPI’s Traffic Collision Statistic Report that states of the 428 people seriously injured in a motor vehicle collision in 2017, 74 were older than 65. The is the highest number out of any age group in Manitoba.

SSM’s Director of Road Safety, Larry Redmond, commented on the value of mature drivers refreshing their skills on the road.

“So many things change over the years, whether it’s traffic laws or how to use a traffic circle, that it’s nice to have a refresher course. That’s why we have the Mature Driver Workshop, to brush up some skills and try to give people that extra confidence they need to be on the road.”

Read the full CBC article and learn more about SSM’s free Mature Driver Workshop.