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Fall Protection and Roofing Safety

Falls can happen quickly and may take you by surprise

Falls account for about 15% of all injuries and fatalities in Manitoba (SAFE Work Manitoba stats) – which is why fall protection equipment is so important.

Workers who will work at heights need to be properly trained to do so. If you haven’t received the proper training, don’t be afraid to ask.

Workers should also be provided with the right fall protection equipment, and it needs to be in good working order. Equipment is poor repair must be replaced. And of course, training is key to the proper use of fall protection equipment, too.

If you need Fall Protection training, SSM has you covered! Our Fall Protection courses give you practical experience and are up-to-date with industry best practices.

For more information, SAFE Work Manitoba has a comprehensive Fall Protection Guide available for free download online.

Refer to Part 14 of the Manitoba Workplace Safety and Health Regulations for legal responsibilities related to Fall Protection. The regulations cover requirements related to:

  • Guardrail systems
  • Fall protection systems
  • Residential construction
  • Building requirement