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Stepping Up for Pedestrian Safety

According to MPI stats, an average of 190 pedestrian accidents occurs each year in Winnipeg.

Both motorists and pedestrians are responsible for taking the proper steps to ensure their safety on the road, but drivers have the additional responsibility to yield the right-of-way to pedestrians.

If You’re a Driver…

  • Unless someone is on the opposite side of a roadway with a physical barrier (like a medium), drivers must stop and yield to the pedestrian.
  • You may only proceed with driving after the pedestrian has safely crossed the street or reached the physical barrier (medium) between lanes.
  • You cannot park or stop anywhere within 3 metres of a crosswalk.
  • If the traffic ahead has stopped or slowed to accommodate pedestrians, you cannot change lanes to pass the stopped vehicles ahead.
  • Remember, all pedestrians have the right to use a crosswalk in a designated school zone, regardless of the time of day or year.

If You’re a Pedestrian… 

  • A driver may try and warn you by honking or trying to get your attention. You should avoid distractions by removing headphones and refraining from texting or talking on the phone at an intersection.
  • Show extra caution in parking lots where drivers may be backing up without notice or driving outside of standard lanes, like between parking stalls.
  • Cross intersections defensively. Even if there’s a green light signalling it’s time to walk, make sure that you’re waiting until the pedestrian signal is giving you the go-ahead to do so.

Did You Know?
CAA ranked Manitoba’s worst roads for driving and pedestrian safety. View the full list to make sure you’re extra cautious in those areas.