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Client Survey 2019 – What are People Saying about SSM

In our recent Client Survey, we asked our occupational clients what impact Safety Services Manitoba’s training and/or consulting services had on their workplace?

Here is what they had to say:

It makes our team up to date on regulations and safety.
It makes my job easier because I know that I can rely on your team to meet the
requirements for safety that I want my employees to have.
SSM has helped our employees be job-ready for the roles that are required,
and done in a timely matter.
SSM has contributed vastly to changing our culture from a “Safety’s a nuisance” culture
to a “let’s integrate safety into our daily routine” culture.
Drastically reducing our WCB costs.
SSM has necessary course selection which helps us to meet regulatory requirements.
To have training for our guys from qualified trainers.
A great impact, as it’s always easier to make things happen when it’s recommended
by a third party.
SSM helped keep our workplace safe.
Gave our employees a better understanding of safety procedures.
SSM has helped reduce the risk of hazardous work
Provided more tools to increase safety at our site.
SSM made our workplace more safety aware.  Record keeping improved.
Time lost improved.
Our employees come out of the training with superior knowledge on the topic.
They understand what is needed from them to comply with what they are doing.
Employees are able to put training into practice.
Brought us out of “the dark ages” with our non-existent safety program.
Our culture is slowly shifting and everyone is getting more accountable and
involved in health & safety.
Employees have an outside accepted source of information and guidance for their training
as well as the standards required to meet regulatory compliance of the training subject.
SSM has provided us with quality training and consulting services over many years now.
They have enabled us to create a much better safety management system and allowed us
to keep our training up to date. This has enabled us to remain compliant within the current
H&S legislation.
Helps keep certificates current for old and new staff.
SSM is an integral part of our training process.
Certified our Health and Safety Coordinator to become a train-the-trainer in forklift operation.
Which is huge to our business.
It has raised awareness with the employees that safety is everyone’s business.
They are now identifying safety hazards and are working on solutions.
SSM is extremely reliable and a pleasure to work with. They have been able to alleviate my workload
in terms of training and they are my #1 go-to for all inquiries safety and training.
Has helped our internal safety culture be reinforced.
Provided our workers with knowledge and confidence to perform work safely.
Trying to get COR certified, SSM has been a big help with the process.
A higher level of consciousness on training requirements.
The convenience and selection of the courses are great!
SSM has become a one-stop-shop, making it easy and convenient for employers.
Having a dedicated consultant who knows the industry and understands your organization’s
processes (and challenges!) is certainly beneficial in all areas of your Safety Management System.
Morale improved, employees felt that they are being looked after, reduced insurance premiums,
fewer accidents.
Significant, helped reduce accidents and injuries.