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Ron Janzen
President and CEO

Ron Janzen is an experienced executive leader with a passion for the workplace health and safety of all Manitobans.  He has worked in a senior leadership capacity (CEO, Exec Director, Vice President, COO, CFO, CIO) for such varied sectors as education, financial services, healthcare, relief and development, and social services. Ron has worked in the private sector, public sector, for-profit and non-profit environments and appreciates the occupational health & safety needs and challenges in those contexts.  Ron is committed to servant leadership as a model to support and develop the strong team at Safety Services Manitoba, guide strategic direction and to serve the needs of clients and stakeholders.

Ron is an active individual who enjoys giving back through community service. He currently serves on the board of the Manitoba Council for International Cooperation (relief & development services) and recently completed a term as Board Chair for Initiatives for Just Communities (restorative justice services). For recreation Ron is an avid cyclist, cross-country skier, and auto-slalom/time attack enthusiast with the Winnipeg Sports Car Club.



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Lyn Stienstra, CPA, CMA
Chief Financial Officer

Lyn Stienstra is a woman with a lot of stamps on her passport and many miles under her wheels. In addition to being an avid cyclist (who once pedalled from Winnipeg to Atlanta to raise money for Habitat for Humanity) and world traveler (ask her about feeding wild hyenas in the middle of the night sometime), Lyn is the current board chair of Creative Manitoba, and has previously served on the boards of Manitoba Council for International Cooperation and Women’s Health Clinic. She’s also a CPA, CMA with more than two decades of experience in industrial manufacturing, international development, and arts management.


Adam Paoletic, CRSP, HSP
Director, Safety Services and Training

As Director, Safety Services and Training Adam leads our Occupational Safety and Safe Driving teams.  Adam plays a key role at SSM within our Leadership Team and leading our trainers and consultants.  Adam has been part of SSM’s team since 2009. During his time with SSM, Adam has trained thousands of students and consulted numerous companies throughout Manitoba. Adam’s sincere dedication and communication skills have become his trademark with all companies who have worked with him.

Adam has a keen interest in solving the challenges presented by the fields of occupational health & safety, fire, and life safety. This interest has made him very diverse in his abilities to solve both current and unforeseen challenges that many companies may face in today’s workforce and economy. Adam has a proven track record for dramatically improving his clients’ safety culture due to his ability to recognize issues, listen to concerns, and council all levels of staff in each unique company setting.

Adam holds a Canadian Registered Safety Professional (CRSP) designation, Occupational Health and Safety Practitioner Certificate (Red River College), Health and Safety Professional (HSP) designation, and Wildlife Forestry & Conservation Management Diploma (CDI College). Adam is a licensed NFPA Fire and Life Safety Educator in the Province of Manitoba and has assisted in the development of many training courses including the SAFE Work Auditor program for the Manitoba Government.

Doug Kit, BComm(Hons)
Director of Business Development

As SSM’s Director of Business Development, Doug Kit enjoys building relationships with each prospective and new client to learn exactly what their needs are and how SSM can help. Doug’s in-depth knowledge of safety requirements and expertise in providing compliant solutions is an asset to SSM – and to each and every one of our clients

Since earning his Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) and graduating with recognition as a top performer in both professional sales and branch manager roles, Doug has excelled in every sales position he has held. During his nearly 30-year professional sales career, Doug has launched, managed and expanded sales divisions and territories at three different companies.


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Anita Zubricki, BA
Director of Marketing and Customer Experience

Anita has led the marketing department at Safety Services Manitoba since 2009 and has been responsible for directing the marketing strategy for the organization through an impressive period of growth. Leading our Customer Experience team, Anita brings a can-do attitude to ensure SSM provides leading customer service, always striving towards continuous improvement. Anita has been instrumental in the introduction, growth, and evolution of the Safety Services Manitoba Occupational Health & Safety Conference and the Assembly of Manitoba Safety Professionals.

As a key member of the SSM leadership team, Anita also exhibits leadership in the community, having served in the past as co-chair in both the NAOSH and Steps for Life committees. Presently, Anita continues to make an impact as an active Board member of the Advertising Association of Winnipeg, where she serves as President and co-chair of Digital Marketing Day, showcasing her commitment to advancing the advertising and marketing industry in Winnipeg.

Terris Baran
Manager of Road Safety Programming

As the Manager of Road Safety and Programming at Safety Services Manitoba, Terris leads our Road Safety Team with extensive experience dating back to 2000 whenhe started with the Government of Manitoba’s Division Driver Vehicle Licensing (DDVL) as a Driver Examiner. His in-depth understanding, knowledge, and experience in interpreting both the Highway Traffic Act (HTA) and the Off-Road Vehicles Act are vast.

Over the years, Terris has evaluated and tested thousands of Manitoba drivers for their Class 1-6 Licenses, including air brake and slack adjusters. Moreover, he has excelled in supervisory roles, overseeing teams of Driver Examiners across various capacities and centers throughout the Province for the past 13 years.

Terris’s career has honed his training abilities, interpersonal skills, and leadership qualities, making him exceptionally adept in his field. Since joining Safety Services Manitoba in 2009, Terris has been a valuable member of our team. He has successfully trained thousands of students and provided consultancy services to numerous companies in Manitoba, focusing on Motor Vehicle Road Safety and Off-Road Vehicle Safety. His expertise has made him the go-to person for questions, concerns, program development, and course delivery.

Terris’s presentation skills are exemplary, consistently receiving praise from corporate clients who frequently request his involvement in delivering courses. His leadership is widely respected, characterized by professionalism and a wealth of knowledge, reflecting positively on Safety Services Manitoba.

Beyond his professional accomplishments, Terris is an avid outdoor enthusiast, spending countless hours and miles riding ATVs and snowmobiles on trails throughout Manitoba, Ontario, and Alberta. He also enjoys powersports activities, including motorcycle riding.

Terris holds a Bachelor of Arts degree, complemented by various training courses he has undertaken over the years, such as a Lead Supervisor Certificate and CORE Leadership Certification.


Lead Instructor / Quality Auditor

David is a dedicated professional with over 20 years of experience, specializing in the fields for aviation, freight movement/warehousing and logistics. David is a Certified and Designated Canadian Customs Specialist (CCS) and Certified Risk Management Specialist (RIM).

David has a wide array of experience including managing daily operations, recruiting and Human Resources, scheduling, managing resources, problem resolution, technical communication and audits.

A competent and versatile instructor, David has created and delivered many specialized health and safety courses during his 20+ year in industry. He has taught First Aid/CPR/AED, Transportation of Dangerous Goods (Air and Ground), GHS/WHMIS, Boating, Restricted Radio Operator (Land and Air), Survival, Water Rescue and Emergency Response. At SSM, David shares his extensive experience and knowledge of areas of search and rescue in courses such as High Angle Rescue, Emergency Response and Confined Space Rescue.

David’s experience has shown him that knowing what to do in the first 10 or 15 minutes can make the difference in any emergency, and he is passionate about keeping families safe by giving people the tools, knowledge, and confidence to respond appropriately in a crisis.


Bobbie Kiesman, CRSP, NCSO
Lead Occupational Safety and Health Consultant

Bobbie Kiesman is a dedicated Safety and Health Consultant, renowned for her commitment to enhancing workplace safety, mitigating risks, and fostering a culture of well-being within organizations. With over a decade of experience in occupational safety, Bobbie brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the field. Bobbie has successfully partnered with businesses across various industries, providing tailored solutions to meet their safety and health objectives.

Bobbie is a passionate advocate for safety and has actively contributed to the development of safety protocols that go beyond compliance. Through hands-on consulting and engaging training programs, Bobbie empowers organizations to create workplaces where employees thrive in a safe and secure environment.

Bobbie holds industry-recognized certifications, including CRSP, ensuring the delivery of cutting-edge safety solutions. Constantly staying abreast of the latest industry trends, Bobbie regularly attends workshops and conferences to integrate emerging best practices into their consulting services.

Known for the ability to understand the unique safety challenges each client faces, Bobbie has spearheaded successful safety initiatives resulting in reduced incident rates and improved overall safety culture. Bobbie embraces technology and data-driven approaches to assess and mitigate risks. This forward-thinking mindset ensures that clients receive state-of-the-art safety recommendations.

Miranda Deline, NCSO
Occupational Safety and Health Consultant

Miranda has been working in the safety industry for over seven years. She has thorough hands-on experience and strong knowledge of provincial and federal workplace safety and health. Miranda continues to create numerous safety programs that became both effective and manageable, inspires teams to build a strong safety culture, and trains all levels of an organization to take ownership in their Internal Responsibility Systems. In every metric, the companies Miranda works with have seen stunning improvements under her leadership. Miranda has a passion for connecting with individuals at every level of an organization; making sure everyone knows their role is important, that they are cared for and the work they perform safely impacts the lives around them.

Miranda is experienced in developing, maintaining, and supporting numerous industry sectors in the development of their safety management systems. Many of these clients work within the construction and manufacturing sectors which Miranda provides the client with appropriate guidance regarding the interpretation and application of safety legislation, conducts safety audits, inspects client workplaces for safety and health hazards, lead internal investigations and provide short-term and long-term corrective actions, facilitates training programs, and ensures consistent, effective implementation.

Miranda has extensive education in occupational safety and health. She has recently earned her Canadian Registered Safety Technician (CRST) designation. She also holds her National Construction Safety Officer (NCSO), a Deans Honor Roll in Red River College’s Occupational Safety & Health Certificate and is a certified Safety Auditor. Miranda is working towards the Canadian Registered Safety Professional (CRSP) designation by the end of 2024.

Joshua Guardado
Business Development Representative

Joining SSM as a Business Development Representative, Joshua Guardado arrives with expertise garnered during his time as a Branch Manager at Grainger Canada. His background encompasses sales, marketing, operations, and customer service, which has been pivotal in driving metrics such as sales growth, heightened customer satisfaction, safety enhancements, and operational efficiency.

Joshua has been fostering partnerships with both clients and vendors, a testament to his commitment to collaboration. His extensive knowledge in workplace safety & health compliance will compliment his role at SSM as he works with clients to deliver comprehensive training and consulting solutions.

Joshua is a graduate of the Business Administration Program at Red River College Polytech and a husband and father.

Staff Directory

Rebecca Cetkovski

Rebecca Cetkovski

Client Services Coordinator

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Melissa Tannahill

Executive Assistant to the President & CEO

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Kaitlyn Lee-Little

Client Services Support Manager

Rowena Mangell

Rowena Mangell

Finance Coordinator

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July Milosevic

Training Coordinator

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Joel Ramos

Facilities & Equipment Coordinator

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Lynda Shaw

Customer Service Representative

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Kristina Suban

Customer Service Representative

Vannessa Odufa Iyere

Vannessa Odufa Iyere

Office Administrative Assistant

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