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 Assembly of Manitoba Safety Professionals on Tuesday January 24, 2023

 Victoria Inn Hotel and Convention Centre,

 1808 Wellington Avenue


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Plenary Session  8:45 – 9:45am
Peter Sturm
STURM Consulting Inc.

Are you Getting Ready for the Future of Safety? If not, why not!

Plenary Session  9:50 – 10:50am
Jamie Hall
SAFE Work Manitoba

SAFE Work Endorsed Training

Plenary Session 11:00 – 12:15pm
Jeff Palamar, Tim Lach & Mark Alward
Taylor McCaffrey LLP

Fifteen Things You Simply Must Know; New Developments in Workplace Law

Plenary Session  1:15 – 2:45pm
Shilo Neveau
Valard Construction LP

Failing Safely, A New Approach to Safety

Plenary Session  3:00 – 4:00pm
Glyn Jones
EHS Partnerships Ltd.

Safety Culture Advancement – How to in 10 (not so) easy Steps



Presentation Descriptions and

Speaker Biographies

Are you getting ready for the Future of Safety?  If not, why not!

Presentation Description

The world of safety and the profession has evolved over the last 70 years in Canada.  Many of our safety colleagues do not know of or realize the coming of a regulated profession, the integration of sustainability into safety, and moving from compliance to management systems and on to the next stage of evolution.

This session will challenge the traditional thinking around safety and put forward strategies for the safety professional to build into your daily practice.  Peter’s involvement in leadership roles with CSSE, BCRSP, CSA, several World Safety Congress’ and the Centre for Safety & Health Sustainability will provide an inside look to influence the outside world of the safety profession.  What are some of the emerging trends in Manitoba that help inform the global world of safety?  Come to this session to be intrigued, challenged and leave with new perspectives that are emerging and will impact each of us in the near future.


Peter Sturm, STURM Consulting Inc.

Peter Sturm, EMBA, BA, CRSP, CHSC

Peter Sturm, is a senior Safety, Health and Risk Management Executive with STURM Consulting Inc.  His expertise includes health and safety, workers compensation, insurance, incident investigations, prevention and sustainability.

Peter is the co-author of the ASSP Accident Investigation Techniques – Best Practices for Examining Workplace Incidents which references the only consensus standard focusing on investigation incident, CSA Z1005-21, Workplace Incident Investigations

He teaches safety and incident investigations at the University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies, University of Fredericton and George Brown College.

His leadership roles include:

  • Chair CSA Z1005 Incident Investigation Standard
  • Past President, Canadian Society of Safety Engineering,
  • Director & Executive Team member of Minerva Canada,
  • BCRSP Governor
  • Executive of the Centre for Safety & Health Sustainability

He holds the designations of CRSP, Professional Member (CSSE) & CHSC. This includes an EMBA, Global Leadership, is active with the Canadian Society of Safety Engineering & American Society of Safety Professionals.

He was awarded the CSSE Safety Professional of the Year in 2015, & Outstanding Service to CSSE/Volunteer of the Year in 2019.

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SAFE Work Endorsed Training

In this presentation, Jamie Hall, Vice President of SAFE Work Manitoba, a division of the WCB, will speak about creating a safer Manitoba through a training standards system and an online training portal that:

  • ensures consistent and high-caliber training
  • is accessible to all
  • eliminates redundancy in training and levels the playing field for approved participants on the platform
  • provides a trusted source for employers and workers
  • offers employers and workers access to a wide suite of safety and health training offered by endorsed training providers.

Jamie Hall, SAFE Work Manitoba

Jamie Hall is the Vice President of SAFE Work Manitoba, a division of the Workers Compensation Board. Jamie joined SAFE Work Manitoba in 2014 and has led the implementation of strategic initiatives that have changed the landscape of safety and health in the province. These include the SAFE Work Certified Program, the Prevention Rebate and the expansion of the industry-based safety programs. A new training portal will be the next big improvement to the safety and health landscape in Manitoba. Jamie is thrilled to be a part the SAFE Work Manitoba team, as well as part of the community of safety leaders in our province that have collectively driven these improvements and are making Manitoba safer and healthier.

Jamie holds a B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering and an MBA with a specialty in Human Resources. Jamie brings 26 years of experience from Manitoba Hydro. Presently, Jamie is also a sessional instructor in the University of Manitoba’s Asper MBA program, delivering a course on executive responsibility and ethics. Jamie represents Manitoba on the Council of Governors for the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety and also served on the United Way Cabinet for six years. He also serves on the Board of the Better Business Bureau Foundation.

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Fifteen Things You Simply Must Know; New Developments in Workplace Law

Three Labour and Employment Lawyers from Taylor McCaffrey will share an open discussion about the top 15 things you need to know including new developments in Workplace Law. With over years of combined legal experience, Jeff Palamar, Tim Lach and Mark Alward will share their knowledge. On the most recent developments in the industry and how they affect your business and workforce.


Jeff Palamar, Taylor McCaffrey

Since 2008, Jeff has been listed among the peer-selected Best Lawyers™ in Canada in labour and employment law. He primarily practices in the areas of labour relations, employment law, human rights, alternative dispute resolution, and sport law. He represents employers in all matters related to the workplace including as counsel in collective bargaining, drafting employment contracts and policies, management of employees, workplace safety and health disputes, privacy matters, human rights and accommodation issues, discrimination and harassment claims and wrongful or unjust dismissal claims as well as interest and rights arbitrations.

Tim Lach, Taylor McCaffrey

Timothy is a Litigation counsel, specializing in civil litigation including disability and life insurance, employment law, labour law and administrative law including Workers Compensation, Canada Pension Plan, Manitoba Labour Board, Mental Health Review Board, Manitoba Review Board, Manitoba Health Appeals Board, and Human Rights Commission. Conducted all stages of the civil litigation process including drafting of pleadings, research, documentary and oral discovery, motions, negotiations, judicially assisted dispute resolution, pre-trial conferences, case conferences, trials and appeals. Regularly reviewed and interpreted statutes and related jurisprudence.

Mark Alward, Taylor McCaffrey

Mark practices in the Labour and Employment department. He obtained his Bachelor of Arts (2015) and Juris Doctor (2018) from the University of Manitoba where he was involved in student leadership and government. Mark prides himself on being personal and approachable to his clients and providing an excellent lawyer-client line of communication.

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Failing Safely, A New Approach to Safety


Traditional safety practices have greatly reduced the number of workplace injuries during the last several decades, but life-ending events have declined at a slower rate. To further reduce serious and life-ending events, Quanta Services worked with industry-leading experts to develop a new approach to safety: The Capacity Model. This model shifts the focus from simply preventing errors to building the capacity to fail safely for the S**T That Kills You (STKY). The model incorporates human performance principles while looking at safety through three categories: prevention, learning, and capacity for failure. This presentation will cover Quanta’s approach to safety and the four main elements of The Capacity Model:

  • Seven Human Performance Principles.
  • STKY (S**T That Kills You)—A concept that focuses on hazards that can seriously injure or kill people.
  • The Energy Wheel—An hazard-identification tool used prior to or during work.
  • STKY Controls—Critical safety controls required for the safe execution of work.
  • Operational learning—Small teams of workers brought together to discuss how work is done and create solutions that focus on strengthening processes and systems.

Shilo Neveau

Shilo Neveu is employed with Quanta Services as the Regional Director Health & Safety Canada and Valard Construction as the Executive Vice President of Health & Safety. Prior to his work with Quanta and Valard, Shilo practiced in the area of Labour of Employment Law with a specialty in Occupational Health & Safety law. He has been in private legal practice, obtained his CRSP and Certified Utility Safety Professional (CUSP), taught OHS Law at the University of Alberta, worked closely with government OHS regulators across Canada and the United States, occupied Senior and field level OHS positions within companies, and is renowned professional speaker and lecturer on anything OHS. People see his passion for OHS and it’s hard to ignore…it’s even infectious!

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Safety Culture Advancement – How to in 10 (not so) easy Steps


Everyone in the safety field is working towards the same objective – reducing workplace incidents and the associated costs and human suffering.  In fact, many of our companies have formally declared this intent with catch-phrases for the programming such a “Zero Harm” or the “Journey to Zero”.   The operations and safety teams at work are taxed with many jobs and tasks and now with the “zero harm” goal in mind the management and advancement of the safety culture is being added to the list.  How are we supposed to manage the safety culture along with all the other “hats” they are supposed to wear?

In this “how-to” session the process and mechanics for advancing the safety culture in 10 (not so) easy steps will be explored.  Using a case-study approach you will learn:

  • What is safety culture, how do we measure it, and how can we advance it?
  • What are the linkages between safety culture and safety performance?
  • How can we employee a more effective business partnering arrangement to be successful?
  • What are the tools needed to achieve the necessary transformation?

If you want to meet the challenge and evolve the safety culture and build a stronger safety system there are more than a few specific things we can do.  Join me in a presentation that is sure to entertain and educate as I discuss how to manage safety culture advancement along with “all the other hats our key employees are supposed to wear”.


Glyn Jones, M.A.Sc., P.Eng, CIH, CRSP,

Glyn is a Partner in the firm EHS Partnerships Ltd.  He is a consulting occupational health and safety professional and leadership coach.  Glyn is a chemical engineer by training and is a Professional Engineer.  He completed a Master’s degree specializing in occupational health and safety.  He holds numerous professional certifications and is a CIH and a CRSP.

Mr. Jones has over thirty-five years of experience working as a consulting Occupational Health and Safety Professional.  He has completed work in all industries and for all levels of government in Canada and overseas.  He is a very involved conference speaker and teaches occupational and environmental health and safety at the University of New Brunswick.

Connect with Glyn on LinkedIn (https://www.linkedin.com/in/glyn-jones/) or follow him on Twitter @glynjones_ehsp.

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