David Hughes Bio

  • David Hughes has become the “go-to safety person” for his continuous safety culture improvement. David has developed these skills as a leader in safety in his current role as a Director of Safety and from his many hours of instruction in the classroom to his many hours working on site alongside his co-workers. 

    David’s strength is to take safety from the confines of the standard “cookie cutter” safety program and transform it into a strong safety culture where everyone buys in, from the workers and front-line management to upper and senior management. He achieves this by using a common sense “let’s make this work for the workers” approach. Using this approach not only improves safety compliance and reduces workplace injuries and costs, it also improves production and quality.

    David’s passion for keeping workers safe on the job has driven him to become one of the most knowledgeable and cutting-edge instructors educating safety professionals and teams on how to increase their level of influence and effectively communicate safety initiatives. This achieves better buy-in to the safety program and any new initiatives, as well as reduces conflict and push back. Achieving buy-in increases the likelihood of success for any new initiative.  David has studied, practiced, succeeded and failed, tested, critiqued and honed these skills the hard way.

    Whether David is leading by example on a work site, instructing safety teams, working with upper management, or teaching safety courses, his passion is teaching the skills of continuous culture improvement.

    Combining his experience as a Certified Health & Safety Professional, Change Management Professional and Adult Educator along with his extensive knowledge of OHS legislation over multiple provinces,  he will provide direction for you and your organization and provide you with the tools necessary to achieve success.                                                 


    DISC Certification 2020
    Creating People Power Workplace Respect 2019
    APMG International Change Management Registered Practitioner 2018
    University of Alberta School of Business Leadership Development Program 2018
    Saskatchewan Construction Safety Ass. Health & Safety Administrator 2015
    Manitoba Emergency Services College Fire and Life Safety Educator 2013
    Manitoba Construction Sector Council Facilitator Training 2013
    Safety Services Manitoba Health & Safety Professional 2012
    DNV Loss Control Management 2012