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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion



Safety Services Manitoba is a proud member of:

@TheWpgChamber’s CODE Coalition

The CODE Coalition is a group of fellow organizational leaders who share a commitment to furthering diversity, inclusion, and equity in the workplace.

As a member of the CODE Coalition, we are committed to:

1. Continuous learning


2. Creating and implementing a workplace diversity and inclusion strategy


3. Measuring progress


What SSM staff say about DEI and CODE:

“SSMs culture of inclusivity comes from the employees understanding and acceptance of peoples, cultures, and statuses. Management has also played a significant role in the culture of inclusivity at SSM by promoting awareness.”

“The commitment of SSM leaders to foster diversity and inclusiveness, which motivates the whole team to practice the same. SSM gives opportunity to its employees to speak their minds and their opinions are respected.”

“I think SSM’s current Leadership team is leading by example and pro-actively engaging SSM in DEI.”

“I believe that SSM has no deficits in inclusivity diverseness & equality. I believe SSM is a safe space.”

“After the Coalition Forum at the Human Rights Museum, I couldn’t stop thinking about the presenter’s comment “Unless I see myself represented in the workplace, I don’t feel like I belong”. So often we think that we can create belonging through indirect actions like policy, procedure, education, etc. And those things do help but, in the end, inclusion begets inclusion and there is no replacement for that. We must be strategic and intentional about it.”

“I liked the “formula” that was shared (at the CODE Conference)… Diversity (the fact) + Inclusion (the action) = Belonging (the outcome).”

To learn more about CODE click here