Corporate Trailer Towing

  • 2650 SSM Trailer Towing Web ImagePulling a trailer requires extra care and attention.

    SSM can help keep your drivers safe!

    Trailers come in many shapes and sizes. Trailers put extra weight on your vehicle and increase the space you need to drive and stop safely.

     Course Description:

    Classroom Theory:

    • Pre-trip, lights, couplings and hitching, balance loads
    • Trailer towing, fishtail, control stability
    • Scanning, setting and using mirrors, blind spots
    • Speed management, braking, managing trailer force

    Practical Training:

    • Pre-trip assessment
    • Trailer hook-up
    • Turning, limitations, using mirrors, spotting
    • Trailer reversing and setting angles to reduce blind spots
    • Including practical assessment
    Cost: $239 per student
    Class size: Minimum 4, maximum 6 students
    Please note: Clients are responsible for providing their own vehicle and trailer
    with appropriate documentation.