Gearing Up Motorcycle Training

  • Course location: SSM
    Course duration: 20 hours
    Course fee – $450 per person

    MPI provides a $200 rebate on the Gearing Up course when participants complete the entire course (theory, practical and testing) pass or fail. Please contact Safety Services Manitoba for details on the rebate process.

    All students must provide their own riding gear, including:

    • Sturdy jacket and pants (jeans and a leather or denim jacket)
    • Eye protection(visors, safety goggles or glasses)
    • Sturdy boots that cover the ankle
    • Leather gloves
    • DOT or Snell approved helmet

    Your riding gear must be inspected and approved by the instructor at the first session.

     Course Description

    motorcycle trainingThe Gearing Up program is Canada’s nationally leading course for training novice riders and provides instruction for the full range of students from those who have no experience to those who have experience but wish to expand their skills. It features an evening of classroom presentations and discussions as well as additional riding time and more advanced riding techniques not featured in the basic course. Participants who pass the complete Gearing Up course MOST 2 skills test will also receive a nationally recognized Canada Safety Council Certificate.

     Learning Outcomes

    • Appropriate riding attire
    • Pre-ride safety check
    • Proper riding position and balance of the motorcycle
    • Cold starting and shut-down
    • Clutch control
    • Motorcycle dynamics (slow speed balance, control and steering)
    • Gear shifting
    • Traffic behavior simulation
    • Push steering
    • Emergency braking
    • Emergency swerving
    • Collision avoidance
    • Negotiating curves at speed
    • Stopping in curves
    A 6M motorcycle license that can be obtained at any MPI Service Center is required to take any SSM motorcycle course.


     What our students are saying…

      • “Great experience, lots of knowledge, great people.”
      • “I recommend that all novice riders take the 20 hour course.”
      • “I can’t believe how much I’ve progressed.”
      • “The teamwork and delivery of the course was world class.”
      • “I teach for a living; I know how hard it is to do. I’ve become a better driver (car, too) and a better teacher.”