• Executive Training Series – January-February 2012

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    Hazard-specific and train the trainer courses coming in the new year.

    SSM’s Executive Training Series continues with front-end loader train the trainer, occupational hygiene, hydraulic safety and ergonomics courses.

    Executive Training Series – January-February 2012

    Front-End Loader Train the Trainer
    Jan 4-5
    Take part in in-depth instruction on front-end loaders and effective training techniques for operators. Participants must successfuly complete an evaluation of their knowledge and skill to earn their Train the Trainer certificate.

    Occupational Hygiene Basics
    Jan 16-17
    This program covers the basics of industrial hygiene, basic mathematics, basic chemistry, physiology, air testing, heat and noise limits, controls and occupational hygiene management.

    Hydraulic Safety Awareness Exposure Level
    Jan 17
    Understand the risks and hazards of hydraulics and how to prevent injury for all workers.

    Safety Within Success Throughout: SSM SAFE Work Conference 2012
    Jan 18-19
    Network with other safety professionals and learn how to develop safety within and spread success through your workplace!

    CHESS Designation Program
    Feb 13-15
    CHESS is SSM’s new Certified Health Ergonomics Safety Specialist Designation Program. Learn practical tools and techniques to identify, assess and reduce the risk of musculoskeletal injuries (MSIs) in your workplace.

    Fall Protection Train the Trainer
    Feb 27-29
    Learn effective training techniques for all aspects of fall protection.

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