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Frequently Asked Questions

Where did the name Operation Red Nose come from?

Operation Red Nose (ORN) was founded in Quebec City in 1984 by Dr. Jean-Marie De Koninck, a swim coach at Laval University as an original way to raise funds for his team. Withthe collaboration of the Police Department of Quebec City and CHRC radio station, the very first Operation Red Nose campaign was launched. That first campaign was a success and the Operation Red Nose campaign has been held during every holiday season since. Today, more than 100 organizations across Canada benefit from the proceeds of the Operation Red Nose campaign. Last year, over $1,500 000 was redistributed to non-profit youth organizations and/or amateur sports organizations.

Can anyone call Operation Red Nose?

Operation Red Nose isn’t a taxi service. It’s a unique program that gets both vehicles and drivers home safely. So while anyone can call, you must have a vehicle in order to get a ride. You also need to wear seat belts so if you have more passengers than seat belts, someone will be staying behind.

How many volunteers does Operation Red Nose need to operate?

It’s a case of, “the more, the merrier.” We have a dedicated group of 600 – 700 fantastic volunteers who help keep Operation Red Nose running. However, it’s a popular program. The more people that call for rides, the more help we can use to make sure no one is kept waiting for long. If you have an evening to spare and a valid driver’s license, we’d love to have you on our team!

What does Operation Red Nose charge for rides?

In a word: nothing. Operation Red Nose Sponsors cover the program’s basic operating costs and our many generous volunteers donate their time. However, donations are definitely accepted, and all proceeds go toward supporting sports programs for Manitoba youth.

What specific Manitoba organizations benefit from the donations?

It varies from location to location. For a complete list, return to our Operation Red Nose home page and look at the logos for the Local Host Organizations

Is the service confidential?

Absolutely! All volunteers sign a form agreeing not to provide any information that might be used to identify a client, their passengers or their addresses. So don’t let worries about discretion drive you away.


Visit the National website to learn more about the history of the program and its presence across Canada!