Hazard Recognition, Evaluation and Control

  • Course Location: SSM and on-site
    Class Size: 16 maximum
    Course Duration: 1/2 day (4 hours) – Classroom and Practical
    $139 per person / $999 group rate

    Training outside of Winnipeg may be subject to higher pricing.

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     Course Description

    The Hazard Recognition & Control Training course teaches participants the fundamentals of how to identify hazards in the workplace, rate the risk of the hazards identified, and recommend controls to eliminate or minimize the risks of these hazards using various tools developed by safety professionals.

    Hazard Recognition & Control Training is offered both on-site at a client’s location and in a classroom at Safety Services Manitoba.

     Learning Outcomes

    • Understanding and identifying hazards

    • Learning the four domains of safety

    • Evaluating hazards and applying the risk model

    • Making recommendations to control hazards

    • Practical evaluation of hazards recognition



    Manitoba Workplace Safety and Health Act

    Eliminating or control of risks

    2.1(1) Where there is a risk to the safety or health of a worker, the employer must, if reasonably practicable, eliminate it through:

    (a) the design of the workplace;

    (b) the design of the work process; or

    (c) the use of engineering controls