Incident Investigation/Investigating Workplace Incidents

  • CMP#09232 (1 credit)
    Course location: SSM and on-site
    Class size: 16 maximum
    Course duration: 1 day (6-8 hours, depending on class size) – Classroom
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      Course Description

    incidentinvestigationThe course is a necessary learning topic for committee members as part of fulfilling their duties. This course will also benefit employers, supervisors of workers, and employees who may be working with the safety committee.

    This course will go into great detail on how to conduct an incident investigation at your workplace. It includes techniques for information gathering and scene preservation, how to interview witnesses and preparing the report. The most important part of the investigation process is to determine root causes of incidents and how to prevent further incidents from occurring; this course will teach participants the fundamental methods for preventing repeat incidents in your workplace.

      Learning Outcomes

      • Benefits of an effective investigation

      • Difference between a “fact-finding” and a “fault-finding” investigation

      • Why we investigate incidents

      • When and what to investigate

      • Notifying local authorities for serious incidents

      • Legal requirements

      • Managing the scene

      • Incident investigation reports

      • How to use incident investigation to prevent similar incidents in the future


    Manitoba Regulations

    Inspections of workplace
    An employer must ensure that each of the following is investigated as soon as reasonably practicable after it occurs: (a) a serious incident; (b) an accident or other dangerous occurrence

    (i) that injures a person, and results in the person requiring medical treatment, or

    (ii) that had the potential to cause a serious incident.


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    • “Made us all think hard about safety in the workplace.”
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    • “Teamwork and safety go hand in hand.”
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