Walkie Rider

  • Course Location: SSM and on-site
    Class Size:
     10 maximum
    Course Duration:
    1/2 day (4 hours)
    Classroom and practical
    $999 group rate

    Training outside of Winnipeg may be subject to higher pricing.

    Walkie Rider Training Course Description

    The Walkie Rider safety program teaches pre-operation machine inspection, safe operation requirements, proper load handling, operating and moving the machine and hazard avoidance.

    This course includes a written and practical skill assessment to validate training competencies. Safety Services Manitoba has also introduced student response technology into the walkie rider training for a more interactive experience. Safety Services Manitoba’s walkie rider training provides students with the most current legislative information including the new CSA-B335-15 standard changes. Participants will receive a certificate upon successful completion of this course.

    Learning Outcomes

    • Module 1 – Walkie Rider/Fork Lift Hazards

    • Module 2 – Standards, Regulations & Responsibilities

    • Module 3 – Walkie Rider Design and Classifications

    • Module 4 – Stability

    • Module 5 – Pre Operational Checks (Theory & Practical)

    • Module 6 – Safe Operating Procedures

    • Module 7 – Power Sources

    • Theory test & Review of Test

    • Practical Evaluation (Participants will each drive the walkie rider/forklift through the Safety Services Manitoba pre-structured driving course to test driving abilities)


    Manitoba Regulation

    22.29(1) No employer shall require or permit a worker to operate a powered lift truck unless the employer has issued a certificate to the worker under this section.

    22.29(2) No employer shall issue a certificate to a worker to operate a powered lift truck unless the employer has first ensured that the worker.

    (a) has received instruction, training and testing in the operation of the powered lift truck in accordance with a code of practice approved and issued under the Act. CSA Standard B335-15