Assembly of Manitoba Safety Professionals

  • Assembly of Manitoba Safety Professionals - Advanced Training and Conference Day

    The Assembly of Manitoba Safety Professionals (AMSP) is an advanced safety and health conference and training day built by safety professionals, for safety professionals.

    The first annual AMSP will be held on:

    Tuesday, January 20, 2014

    Victoria Inn and Convention Centre
    1808 Wellington Avenue ● Winnipeg, MB

    7:30 am – Registration and breakfast
    8:00 am – Opening remarks

    This learning day is being created to meet the needs and requests of safety and health professionals. The AMSP will deliver a full day of intensive training to a limited audience, allowing us to present specialized, focused and in-depth information.

    Delegates will enjoy keynote presentations by Eldeen Pozniak (7 1/2 Things that Safety Professionals Can Do to Save Lives and Bring Value to an Organization) and Dr. Chuck Pettinger (The Four Safety Truths); have a chance to build their network of like-minded safety and health professionals in Manitoba; and take part in workshops, demonstrations and round-table discussions.

    Topics covered will include:

    • Leadership and communication
    • Changing the safety culture in Manitoba
    • Emerging safety and health issues, such as nanotechnology and mental health in the workplace
    • Measuring safety success

    The AMSP planning committee is comprised of:

    • Cheryl Mihalus, CRSP
    • Kim Keating, CHSC, CDMP
    • David Erl, CRSP, CSO, CHSC, CPO
    • Ryan Orvis, CHSC, CRSP
    • Rob Down, CRSP
    • Rob Beal, CRSP
    • Joe Kutryk, CRSP, CHSC
    • Dana Johnson, CSO, HSP
    • Kent Blackmon, CRSP
    • Bob Forsyth
    • Anita Zubricki

    Download the AMSP information sheet

    Registration opens October 2014.

    For more information, please call 204.949.1085 or email