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    Safety auditing will assist in occupational health and safety compliance with the Workplace Safety and Health Act and Regulations.

    Our audit services will provide your organization with a systematic, independent and documented process in which we will identify hazards, and develop recommendations to either eliminate or reduce the risk within your workplace. Our audits will also outline other opportunities for improvement or which may become non-conformances in the future.

    Auditing will measure the effectiveness of your safety management system, improve the effectiveness and efficiency of operations.

     Benefits of Auditing:

      • Supports a means to meet certification to a management system standard

      • Auditing provides information to management review

      • Auditing demonstrates senior management’s commitment towards safety

      • Auditing improves personal awareness, participation and motivation

      • Provides opportunities for continual safety improvement

      • Auditing can improve operational performance and ratings

      • To verify conformance with contractual requirements

      • To obtain and maintain confidence in the capability of a supplier

      • To contribute to the improvement of the management system

    • Provide an an accurate picture of the safety and health of the organization


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