Simplified Blueprint For Safety

  • Safety Services Manitoba has created a program called The Simplified Blueprint For Safety™ designed for organizations that believe in the importance of safety.

    This program helps you create a blueprint to simplify and enhance safety in your organization.

    It also helps you avoid The Safety Complexity Trap.


    Upon completion of the starter session, we will provide you with a summary of the session along with information on how to build a custom Simplified Blueprint for Safety™ for your organization. This summary report can be used as a great resource for ideas on improving and enhancing your company’s current safety program.


    • Assess the current status of your safety program.
    • Identify possible shortcomings and pain points that may exist in your current program.
    • Identify potential repercussions that a weak safety program may have on your business.
    • Identify organizational business and safety goals.
    • Outline how creating a Simplified Blueprint for Safety™ program will benefit your business.


    Save Time and Money
    • SSM is experienced in helping  create  efficient  user-friendly safety programs in a timely manner
    • More time available to focus on your core business
    Image and Reputation Enhanced
    • Attracting and maintaining clients and quality employees
    • Improved safety culture
    • Increased quality and production
    Business is More Profitable
    • Less downtime
    • More engaged workforce
    • Lower absenteeism
    • Lower WCB premiums
    • Lower risk of costly shutdowns and fines
    • Higher productivity
    • Increased employee retention
    • Lower training and re-training costs

    Safety Complexity Trap Repercussions

    Waste Time and Money
    • Having to re-work programs that are not user-friendly
    • Costly accidents
    • Potential for shut-downs and fines that will slow production
    Image and Reputation Harmed
    • Higher staff turnover
    • Lower morale
    • Less success in securing business and quality staff
    • Negative culture
    Business Profits Suffer
    • Lower productivity
    • Potential fines and penalties
    • Potential to lose skilled staff