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Fall Protection Equipment Inspections

Workplace safety and health legislation states that every piece of fall arrest equipment should be inspected and certified at least yearly or more often by a trained and competent person.

Safety Services Manitoba offers Fall Protection services to inspect your fall protection equipment. We are one of the few service providers to offer this service here in Manitoba. We are equipped to conduct the inspections required to keep your equipment in safe working order in a significantly shorter period of time than returning them to an authorized facility. Our manufacturer-trained and certified technicians will ensure all fall protection products are in compliance with CSA Standard Z259. This CSA Standard requires that employers perform regular equipment inspections on lifelines, harnesses, lanyards, and SRL’s to ensure that their equipment is up to date and compliant with the proper safety standards. Fall protection equipment should be personally inspected before each use and at least once a year by a Competent Person (or more frequently if required by the manufacturer).

We provide you a written report that:

  • Identifies defective equipment of each piece of fall protection equipment inspected.
  • Provide and keep written documentation, archived records of the inspections and certifications.
  • Provides guidelines, forms and checklists to complete your pre-use inspections.

Assessment fees are based on the number of fall protection components inspected and other factors.