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COR & SAFEWork Certified Prep

COR™ and SAFEWork certification Preparation

Need support in maintaining your existing COR™, SECOR™ or SAFEWork certified program or obtaining your Certification?

Safety Services Manitoba can help.

Our service team will visit you on site as often as you need to prepare you and get you on track to achieve Certification.

This certification verifies that your workplace safety and health program meets provincial standards. Certification is becoming increasingly important as it is often used as a pre-qualification or condition of contract across the province. 

Services to get you on track for COR™ or SAFEWork Certification:

Inspection services and gap analysis of your company’s existing safety program to ensure alignment with the COR™ or SAFEWork certified process. Services to help your company create and implement a safety management program in line with the requirements of COR™ and or SAFEWork certified.

Mock audits prior to the actual Audit or assistance with the internal Company Self-Audit process in preparation for the final Independent audit. Assistance in completing the required safety documentation as it relates to the audit.

On-site training services for management, supervisors and employees to prep them for the audit process.

    Additional services for ongoing support:

    • Ensure all live documentation meets criteria
    • Monitor in feed of documentation
    • Advise company of all areas for improvement, including: observation improvements; documentation improvements; and areas of knowledge improvement for the interview portion
    • Prepare all levels of staff for the audit
    • Perform mock audits
    • Perform internal audits
    • Assist with action plans
    • Write summary report

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