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Emergency Response & Preparedness Training

Course Location: SSM and on-site
Course Duration: 14 – 16 hours
Course Fee: $3449 group rate only
Class Size: 8
Training outside of Winnipeg may be subject to higher pricing  

Course Description

This course is designed for any business or group that has a need or desire to form their own Emergency Response Team and/or plan, test, and improve an existing one. A company response plan analysis will be done for on-site training. This will be a participation-driven exercise.

Learning Outcomes


  • Training on how to use the emergency response guide
  • Program development, including selecting and training your team
  • Developing a plan and keeping it current as per provincial and federal regulations
  • Plans will cover all types of emergency/threat assessments
  • Medical emergencies, including fire, weather, chemical spills, hostile intruder/active shooter, cyber threats & data recovery, mass evacuation
  • Adjacent business emergencies

Participants will learn how to develop a plan that covers all of the listed topics and any specific issues they deem of interest. If they already have a plan in place, it will be deconstructed to see if any improvements can be made to make it more robust.

Proper equipment selection and training requirements will be covered. Site-specific issues that participants wish to cover will be addressed on day one as well.


  • Plans that were developed on day one will be reviewed and tested
  • This will include “table-top” exercises and full simulations at the site
  • This may also include performing a fire drill, full medical and/or fire emergency evacuation
  • Team rescue drills will be practiced during day two of the program when warranted
  • Final test will include developing and executing a response plan to a specific emergency (to be determined during the training session)

The Emergency Measures Act

“Emergency” means a present or imminent situation or condition that requires prompt action to prevent or limit

(a) the loss of life, or

(b) harm or damage to the safety, health or welfare of people, or

(c) damage to property or the environment;

“Emergency Preparedness Program” means a program designed to achieve a state of readiness for emergencies and disasters