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Inspections/Inspecting your Workplace Training

Course Location: SSM and on-site
Course Duration: 3 – 4 hours
Course Fee: $1139 group rate
Class Size: Up to 16
Training outside of Winnipeg may be subject to higher pricing    

Course Description

This course focuses on the importance of formal and informal inspection techniques, and the need to identify hazards within the workplace. Once hazards are identified, the student will be taught proper ways to eliminate or control the hazard through corrective actions and recommendations.

Safety Services Manitoba’s Workplace Inspections training program consists of a classroom theory portion and a practical component where participants will have the opportunity to perform a physical inspection under the direct guidance of the instructor.

Learning Outcomes

  • Legislation and responsibilities
  • Understanding why inspections are important for workplace safety and health
  • Understand the goals of inspection
  • Planning the inspection
  • Knowing the different types of inspections
  • Knowing how to plan, conduct, and follow up on a formal inspection
  • Being able to write effective recommendations based on the findings of your inspection

Manitoba Workplace Regulation
Inspections of workplace

2.4(1) An employer must (a) ensure that regular inspections of the workplace and of work processes and procedures at the workplace are conducted to identify any risk to the safety or health of any person at the workplace; and

(b) if a risk is identified, correct any unsafe condition as soon as is reasonably practicable and, in the interim, take immediate steps to protect the safety and health of any person who may be at risk.