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Instructional Techniques

(This course is pre-requisite for all full/ multi-day SSM Train the Trainer programs).

Course Location: SSM and on-site
Course Duration:  6-8 hours
Course Fee: $300 per person 
Class Size: Up to 16
Training outside of Winnipeg may be subject to higher pricing.

*Discounts may apply when taken with a Train the Trainer Course

**SSM recommends this course be completed every 3 years if training infrequently.

Course Description

This course is designed to provide individuals (including trainers, supervisors, HR, and safety professionals) responsible for internal organizational training with knowledge and skills in adult learning principles. These principles will give the student tools to ensure that learners will be able to competently apply and use the training being provided by the internal trainer. The goal of this course is to provide students with the skills to convey that proficiency so that learners can be proficient as well.

*Note: that this course assumes all students have functional proficiency in the subject matter they will be facilitating.

Learning Outcomes

  • Recognize and define the 3 main learning styles.
  • Explain various tools that can be used to encourage and maintain a desire to learn.
  • Describe techniques for preparing for a presentation, overcoming nervousness, and
    delivering the training.
  • Explain how to establish friendship, trust, and credibility with learners.
  • Outline techniques for effective communication.
  • Recognize when and how to use various instructional methods and audio visual
  • Define the 2 types of training evaluations and explain how to use them.

Manitoba Workplace Safety and Health Act
Further duties of employer

4(2) without limiting the generality of an employer’s duty under subsection (1), every employer shall

(b) provide to all his workers such information, instruction, training, supervision and facilities to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, the safety, health and welfare at work of all his workers;

(c) ensure that all his workers, and particularly his supervisors, foremen, charge hands or similar persons, are acquainted with any safety or health hazards which may be encountered by the workers in the course of their service, and that workers are familiar with the use of all devices or equipment provided for their protection.


All students will receive a certificate of completion and a training reference manual upon successful completion of the course.