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Professional Safety Consultant

SSM provides qualified health and safety professionals on a contract basis to suit your needs.

We are a one-stop-shop for all your safety needs, making it easy and convenient for employers to achieve their required safety needs, specific to your industry and organization.

Safety and compliance management

Cost-effectiveness and efficiency

Flexible solutions

Our Professional Safety Consultant can assist you with:

  • Job task analysis, incident investigation, and workplace inspection
  • Conducting a thorough review of the existing safety documentation and identifying gaps within the legislative requirements
  • Policy development
  • Advising union and management of OHS issues
  • Random compliance audits
  • Developing Standard Operating Procedures for high-risk jobs
  • Developing customized training unique to your workplace

SSM’s Professional Safety Consultant program offers you:

  • No recruitment cost or time
  • No need to pay benefits such as sick time, holidays, or EI
  • Access to the expertise and resources of SSM

Get the expertise of a qualified safety professional!

We recognize the value in investing in safety and in the protection of our employees, students and ultimately our entire organization. We are very pleased with the partnership we have created with SSM over the years. They have provided us with increased peace of mind while we work collaboratively towards enhancing safety protocols and practices within the campus. We appreciate the professionalism and the expertise of SSM. Thank you again SSM for helping us meet our health and safety needs.

Julie Belley

Gestionnaire en ressources humaines, Université de Saint-Boniface | Ressources Humaines

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