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Safety Program Development

Safety Program

Safety and health have a direct impact on efficiency, productivity, and costs.

SSM’s customized safety program will help you manage risk, set goals and measure performance in health and safety in your workplace.

An effective safety management system is the cornerstone of an injury-free workplace; it’s the first step to bringing health and safety in line with your overall business goals. Our comprehensive, three-step process ensures that we understand your risk assessment needs and regulatory environment. We then deliver a safety management system that is user-friendly, compliant, and tailored to your organization.

Our three-step process:

  • Initial meeting – We meet in order to orient our consultants to your organization, its risk management needs, and legal compliance requirements. This meeting may be conducted in-person or over the phone.
  • System development – We work with you to customize our safety program and apply it to your workplace.
  • Orientation – We ensure you know how to use and maintain your safety program.

What you get:

Starting at $999, you will receive a user-friendly, comprehensive safety program that meets all compliance requirements and includes:

  • Safety manual with all applicable elements for your organization
  • Filing system
  • Ongoing coaching and knowledge transfer
  • Toll-free support line