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Safety Shutdown Services

An integral component of successful shutdowns are qualified, experienced, and competent on-site field safety personnel. We strategically select safety advisors with diverse backgrounds and levels of experience essential to the success of the project.

As a leader in field safety services, we work with our clients to ensure that all safety measures are taken to eliminate losses that result in safe and efficient Plant Shutdowns.

A dedicated and qualified team is required due to increased activity levels during a shutdown, and a safety team with a diverse and technically qualified group with necessary experience supports clients in executing and monitoring shutdown activities to achieve excellent safety performance.

Shutdown Phase

  1. Site Safety Coordination
  2. Daily Safety Schedules
  3. Implementation of Safety Plans
  4. Daily PPE Review
  5. Daily Audits, Inspections
  6. Contractor Controls
  7. Orientations
  8. Consistent communication with personnel
  9. Consistent communication with the client

– Review daily needs

– Efficiency of the staff supplied

– Safety (Zero harm is the goal!)

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