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WHMIS Train the Trainer

Course Location: SSM and on-site
Course Duration: 6 – 8 hours
Course Fee: $699 per person; $349 for each additional student (per company)*
Class Size: Up to 12
Training outside of Winnipeg may be subject to higher pricing 

Course Description

This course is designed to fulfill a company’s legal obligations by familiarizing every employee with the Global Harmonized System /Workplace Hazardous Material Information System 2015. This course covers components and compliance of GHS/WHMIS and related legislation, labeling hazardous materials and using material safety data sheets and safety data sheets.

Complimented with written and practical skill assessments throughout the course to ensure thorough understanding of principles and practices, the WHMIS Train the Trainer provides students with the most modern technical knowledge and resource material to deliver a confident, competent, and professional WHMIS course.

Documentation will be provided to the student to satisfy due diligence and local regulation compliance.

This course meets the criteria for accepted practices in OH&S training (ANSI Z-490. 1-2001), the highest standard in the industry.

Learning Outcomes

  • Module 1 – Understanding GHS and WHMIS
  • Module 2 – Duties and Responsibilities
  • Module 3 – Labels
  • Module 4 – Material Safety Data Sheet/Safety Data Sheets
  • Module 5 – GHS Pictograms/WHMIS symbols
  • Module 6 – Exposure Conditions
  • Theory test and review of test

Practical Evaluation

Participants will train a portion of the GHS and WHMIS 2015 program to class as part of the Train the Trainer requirements to demonstrate competency.

Manitoba Regulations Part 35

35.3(1) an employer must ensure that a worker who works with or near a controlled product or performs work involving the manufacture of a controlled product receives training in the following.

  1. a) The content required to be on a supplier label and a workplace label and the purpose and significance of the information on the label;
  2. b) The content required to be on a material safety data sheet and the purpose and significance of the information on the material safety data sheet;
  3. c) Procedures for safely storing, using and handling the controlled product; etc…


* Safety Services Manitoba along with industry best practices recommend individuals who receive the Train the Trainer program, teach the program at a minimum of at least one time per year.  Trainers must also educate themselves to any legislative changes that could affect the course material content to be trained.  Our Train the Trainer certificates expire after 3 years.