• Faith Wood





     Keynote Address – Thursday, January 25

    Secrets of Persuasion (A Two-Part Keynote Presentation)

    Persuasion is more than changing minds and hearts – it’s about changing behaviour. Whether you want someone to buy from you, approve your project, get a promotion or just get your kids to do their homework, persuasion is a skill that can help you accomplish your goals.

    Did you know that 90% of what “sinks” people’s efforts lies beneath the surface? It is the subconscious mind that makes decisions and controls one’s behaviours, so learning how to trigger desirable results is a must for all leaders. These are the secrets of influence and persuasion.


    One of the leading language and persuasion mavens, Faith is an award-winning novelist as well as a communication and conflict consultant. As a former Peace Officer, Faith has first-hand experience with the power of persuasion. She has conducted influence strategy and training for government, education and entrepreneurial organizations globally.

    Faith lives with her husband and two golden retrievers on an acreage in the Okanagan Valley.