• Duane JaniskevichDuane Janiskevich

    As a humorous and passionate storyteller, Duane encourages audiences to address their safety attitudes and inspires people to learn from their own life lessons. Duane has a diverse background with experience as a labourer, civil technologist, high school teacher, programmer analyst, management consultant and a safety and leadership speaker. He’s taken a lot of chances, had many careers and learned from big mistakes. He and his family reside in Regina, Saskatchewan.

    StopCuttingCornersStop Cutting Corners – Safety is in Your Hands

    Duane Janiskevich works with organizations who want to strengthen their safety culture, empower their members and decrease incidents. At the SSM Conference, Duane will encourage us address our own safety attitudes and inspire us to learn from his experience and our own life lessons.

    ‘Cutting corners’ is when part of a process is removed while attempting to achieve the original result. Usually, it is done to save time, effort or money, but often it results in sacrificing quality or safety.

    November 22, 2008, was ending as a frustrating, unproductive renovation Saturday when a small, unsafe decision had a dramatic impact. In order to save time, Duane used the wrong tool and used it incorrectly, placing him on the receiving end of a table saw kickback. The results were devastating! In a split second his right hand was crushed, his middle finger and thumb were severed and laid in the palm of his hand and his pointer and ring fingers were amputated.

    “Stop Cutting Corners” uncovers a sobering and emotional journey to healing and prevention. Duane conveys a sense of anger, pain, victimization and loss, but leaves the audience with forgiveness, perspective, perseverance and hope. His presentation provides a serious reflection of the risks attendees willingly take when they decide to cut corners.