• Jamie HallJamie Hall

    Jamie Hall is the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of SAFE Work Manitoba.  A former Manitoba Hydro executive, he has held a number of positions, including Division Manager of Distribution Engineering and Construction (Rural)  and Manager of Corporate Safety and Health.

    Jamie also brings his knowledge of safety and health to the not-for-profit sector, serving for over ten years on the Board of Directors of Safety Services Manitoba, with five years as Chairperson. Jamie holds a B.SC. in Electrical Engineering and an MBA with a specialty in Human Resources.

    As COO of SAFE Work Manitoba, Jamie appreciates being a part of strengthening and building on the existing safety network and programming in the province in order to help establish Manitoba as a leader in occupational safety and health.

     Assembly of Manitoba Safety Professionals

    SAFE Work Certified – Setting the Standard for Safety in Manitoba

    Jamie Hall, SAFE Work Manitoba’s Chief Operating Officer, will provide an overview of SAFE Work Manitoba’s recent work to reduce injury and illness in Manitoba workplaces. Jamie will discuss SAFE Work Certified – the new province-wide safety certification standard designed to promote a culture of safety in Manitoba while reducing workplace injuries. You’ll learn about the rollout of SAFE Work Certified, the involvement of industry-based safety programs and all of the benefits that employers and workers and expect. Jamie will also address the associated prevention incentive planned for 2018.

     OHS Conference – Keynote Presentation

    On the Cusp of Change – Manitoba’s New Culture of Safety

    Jamie Hall, Chief Operating Officer for SAFE Work Manitoba, will share our province’s progress in creating a new culture of workplace safety. This new culture is focused on building partnerships and collaborating with all Manitobans, including industry groups, employers, labour groups and workers. He will discuss how SAFE Work Manitoba’s three strategic initiatives will help lead the way for this needed culture shift and how each of us can positively contribute by being safety leaders in our workplaces.