• TwitchyStuart Ellis-Myers, a.k.a. Twitchy

    What would you do if, out of the blue, your life turned upside down? What if you went from being a happy and healthy, normal child, and then suddenly became an anxious, depressed, twitchy mess of devastating proportion? This is exactly what happened to Stuart Ellis-Myers.

    At the age of eight, Stuart began to develop one of the most misunderstood neurological disorders of our time – Tourettes Syndrome. Faced with the prospect of a lifetime of disability, frustration, isolation, and shame – the typical reaction to this tragic condition – Stuart instead chose to share how everyone can experience a remarkable and unstoppable life.

    Stuart, A.K.A. Twitchy, is one of the most gifted and inspiring public speakers on the conference circuit today. He has used the life lessons learned through years of battling this often emotionally crippling condition to help countless others to overcome their own challenges and fears. His insight and humanity have enabled him to share his own, often painful, experiences in such a way as to offer a real, usable methodology for overcoming the many pitfalls of modern life.

    Twitchy’s simple and effective system of “unstoppable” and “mental health to “mental wealth” change makes countless physical and psychological manifestations of our high stress lives clearer to understand and easier to bear. By chronicling his journey in the pages of his books and through his presentations, and with both his successes and failures fully exposed, Twitchy takes you on a trip through the life of a man held captive – but not broken – by his mental health condition. He has found the strength and determination to break free by sharing his unstoppable message of true and lasting love.

    Whether he’s helping you face the reality of your current situation, offering guidance to help you seize the constant opportunities that come your way every day or providing easy to learn and easier to perform exercises to gain control over your fears and doubts, Twitchy invites you to join him in creating the foundation for your own mental health to mental wealth story, and your own unstoppable life.

    If Twitchy can overcome the ravages and disabling mental health realities of the rare, incurable and socially bizarre disorder known as Tourettes Syndrome, while simultaneously becoming remarkably successful as a published keynote speaker career and in his personal life . . . what is holding any of us back from achieving our dreams?