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Basic Motorcycle Training

Motorcyle training registration now open. Classes fill on a first come first serve basis.


Course Location: Winnipeg, CFB Shilo, Winkler, Dauphin, Thompson
Course Duration: 6-8 hours practical
Course Fee: $350 per person(No rebate for this course.)

The Basic course is the minimum requirement for achieving a Class 6 license in Manitoba.

New riders will benefit from taking the Gearing Up Motorcycle Course which provides additional riding time and more advanced riding techniques.


A 6M motorcycle license(knowledge test) that can be obtained at any MPI Service Centre is required to take any SSM motorcycle course
All students must provide their own riding gear, including:

  • Sturdy jacket and pants (jeans and a leather or denim jacket)
  • Eye protection (visor on helmet or any type of glasses)
  • Sturdy boots that cover the ankle
  • Leather gloves
  • CSA, DOT, ECE or Snell approved helmet

Your riding gear must be inspected and approved by the instructor at the first session.

Course Description

The Basic course is the minimum requirement for achieving a Class 6 license in Manitoba and is intended for individuals who have some previous motorcycle riding experience. The course moves at an accelerated pace and verifies existing skills, instills proper basic riding habits and helps identify any bad habits to assist with transitioning into successful street riding.

This course is pass or fail. There is an additional fee to enroll in a Refresher or Retest course.

Click here for more information on retesting opportunities.


Learning Outcomes

  • Pre-ride safety check
  • Proper riding position and balance of the motorcycle
  • Cold starting and shut-down
  • Clutch control
  • Motorcycle dynamics (slow speed balance, control, and steering)
  • Gear shifting
  • Traffic behaviour simulation


Download MPI’s Motorcycle Handbook