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Class 5 Rules of the Road Course 

Course Location: SSM
Course Duration: 4 hours
Course Fee: $125/person

Our comprehensive program offers a thorough exploration of road regulations, empowering new drivers with the knowledge and skills necessary to approach their road tests with confidence.

Designed to cater to individuals and new Canadians seeking to overcome challenges in passing their road tests, our curriculum provides targeted instruction and support to address areas of improvement identified in
previous road test attempts. By equipping learners with a strong foundation and personalized guidance, we aim to enhance their readiness to tackle the demands of the road test successfully.

We also offer optional driving lessons conducted by certified Driving Instructors
for an additional fee. These sessions provide invaluable hands-on experience
and personalized feedback, further enhancing participants’ driving skills and
confidence behind the wheel.

Contact us for more information.

Learning Outcomes


Through detailed instruction, participants gain insight into common pitfalls encountered during road tests, including:

  • safe maneuvering for left turns
  • navigating intersections
  • parallel parking techniques
  • signal and shoulder checks
  • effective scanning methods
  • adherence to speed limits
  • navigating school zones
  • negotiating pedestrian crossings
  • interpreting signage
  • making informed decisions in diverse scenarios