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Experienced Rider – Skills Refresher (Motorcycle)

2024 Registration opens Wednesday, March 13 at 7:30am 



Motorcycle Registration Opens mid March.

Course Location: Winnipeg
Course Duration: 8 hours – 2 hrs theory & 6 hrs practical
Course Fee: $245 per person
Class Size: Minimum of 6 – subject to cancellation

License documentation and photo ID – Students must hold a minimum of a 6L Learner’s Permit.  To learn more about licensing, download MPI’s Motorcycle Handbook or contact MPI.


  • Students must have held at least the 6L for a minimum of 2 years.
  • Students must provide their own motorcycle and show proof of ownership and liability insurance
  • All motorcycles will be subjected to a vehicle inspection by the Chief Instructor
  • Motorcycles must be clean and in good condition

All students must provide their own riding gear, including:

  • Motorcycle helmet – CSA, DOT, ECE or Snell approved
  • Eye protection – face shield on helmet or any type of glasses
  • Sturdy jacket – motorcycle textile/leather riding jacket, denim or leather (jackets must be able to be done up)
  • Gloves – Full fingered, leather palmed (no knuckle cut-outs accepted)
  • Sturdy pants – motorcycle textile/leather riding pants or jeans (no sweatpants, track pants, etc.  Pants must not have holes in them)
  • Boots – must cover the ankles and be made of a sturdy leather with rubber soles (no athletic shoes/sneakers, high heels or leather soled cowboy boots)

Your riding gear must be inspected and at the Instructor’s discretion, approved at the first session. Students without proper gear will be sent home with no refund.

Courses run regardless of weather conditions – be prepared and dress accordingly. Rain gear may be worn over protective riding gear.

Please bring your own re-fillable water bottle.

Course Description


This course is designed as a skills refresher, for individuals who have been riding with their 6L learner’s permit, and an opportunity to challenge themselves on the course layout on their own motorcycle.

Learning Outcomes

  • Familiarization & evaluation
  • Slow speed maneuvers
  • Entry test
  • Push steering
  • Emergency braking
  • Emergency swerving
  • Collision avoidance
  • Curves