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Free Safe Driving Presentations

***Due to COVID-19, the delivery of free safe driving presentations is suspended.***

Safety Services Manitoba and Manitoba Public Insurance work side by side to make our roads safer.

The right training for any vehicle and any age

The open road and the bush trail offer freedom and fun to Manitobans of all ages, and acts as essential course of transport for others. But whether on-road or off, driving presents hazards. Community safety presentations give Manitobans of all ages the confidence, knowledge, and skills they need to manage risk and arrive home safely.

Free Safety Presentations

SSM offers these free presentations, sponsored by MPI, to community groups:

  • ATV and Snowmobile safety
  • Mature drive

ATV and Snowmobile Safety

Teach kids about the unique hazards of ATVs and snowmobiles to make them safe riders for life.

ATVs and snowmobiles have unique hazards that new riders must understand to ride safely. You can help educate youth in your community by offering this free public presentation on how to stay safe while operating off-road vehicles. The workshop instructs novice riders of all ages how to be better ATV and snowmobile riders.

Through real-life stories and practical tips, this two-hour presentation covers:

  • Age requirements for off-road licensing
  • Proper riding gear
  • Laws for operating ATVs or snowmobiles and riding guidelines
  • Pre-ride checklist
  • Hand signals
  • Driver impairment
  • Survival and first aid kits

Presentations are conducted by seasoned riders and experienced certified trainers.

For more information and to make a booking:

Contact Lynda at 204.949.1085 or by email at lshaw@safetyservicesmanitoba.ca


Mature Driver Workshop

Manitoba’s varying road conditions emphasize the importance of refreshing driving skills as we age.

Increase your confidence and driving ability by taking advantage of our Mature Driver Workshop.

Who should attend?

This workshop is being offered to experienced drivers who wish to brush up on their skills and enhance their driving performance.

The Mature Driver Workshop will:

  • Teach you defensive driving techniques
  • Show you how to enhance your driving skills
  • Update your knowledge of traffic laws and road safety rules
  • Show you how to compensate for any changes that may occur in hearing, vision, flexibility, and reaction time


  • Fewer accidents and claims
  • Learn how to compensate for the physical effects that aging has on driving
  • Driver evaluations provided on request


For more information and to register:

Contact Lynda at 204.949.1085 or by email lshaw@safetyservicesmanitoba.ca