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ATV Train the Trainer – A Very Worthy Course

I recently had the pleasure of taking the Train the Trainer ATV Instructors course through Safety Services Manitoba. I found the course very informative, well detailed and covered all the points that I feel are required to safely operate the vehicle, as well as instruct the operation and safety factors to future students.

The portion where the class members were recorded and critiqued by the candidates was very helpful in that it showed where improvement in teaching style was required, and offered everyone an opportunity to critique themselves.

I especially enjoyed the practical portion where everything that was taught in the classroom, from transporting the ATV to the inspection of the vehicles and onto the start up procedures was covered again. The trails that we were shown how to travel safely over were of just the right height and angles to make everyone take notice, and ensure they were following guidelines taught.

Overall, a very worthy course, and I am confident in my abilities to instruct the ATV to future course candidates.


Rob Hillman


ATV Instructor