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Great reviews for Safety and the Supervisor!

We just got back some reviews of our Safety and the Supervisor course and people had some great things to say. While some participants have said we “exceeded [expectations]” and “have a great facility and use of technology,” others commented on the quality of information shared and the capabilities of our instructors.

If you’re thinking of taking this course, check out some of the feedback below!

Real-Life, Practical Information and Discussion

  • “The instructor included lots of stories of real life incidents which made it more real to me.”
  • “[SSM courses] will be very helpful to employees.”
  • “[SSM has] more hands-on training than other courses taken.”

Knowledgeable, Approachable Instructors

  • “The instructor was very knowledgeable about safety.”
  • “[The instructor] demonstrated experience!”
  • “The teaching method is easy to relate to and understand.”
  • “The instructor was open to feedback regarding students’ learning and changing some terminology. Thank you.”
  • “The instructor was very good – answered questions and gave examples.”
  • “Great knowledge [from the instructor] and presented very well.”
  • “[The instructor was] very knowledgeable, skills and hands on demonstrations to validate the information.”
  • “[The instructor] explains things nicely, easy to understand.”
  • “Really good instructor – polite and friendly.”
  • “[The] instructor kept the course interesting by sharing past experiences and knowledge gained.”
  • “He knew his stuff.”
  • “Very knowledgeable, informative, passionate.”
  • “[The instructor was] well versed, able to keep the class moving and on topic.”

Great Discussion and Q&A Period

  • “Great open discussion.”
  • “[Questions and concerns] was best part. Effective responses and constructive advice for students.”
  • “[The instructor responded to questions reflectively and effectively], even when challenged.”
  • “The instructor was very willing to discuss [questions and concerns].”
  • “I didn’t feel intimidated to ask questions.”
  • “[The instructor was] calm and collected with positive responses.”
  • “If [the instructor] didn’t know the answer, he found the answer.”

Informative Course Material

  • “There is a lot more responsibility that comes with being a supervisor than I thought.”
  • “It makes you think about the tasks and dangers in each task.”
  • “I thought the course was very informative and a good refresher on the labour code.”