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Highly Recommend Gearing Up Motorcycle Course

Dear Sir,

I have just successfully completed the Gearing Up course and I feel I must give feedback to express my satisfaction with the entire process and to recommend this training to everyone thinking of taking up motorcycle riding.

Firstly, the website works, registration is easily done and when I called the operators are friendly and efficient. The classroom and practical training grounds are well laid out and well fit for purpose. The course content seems complete and is presented in a measured stepwise progression with time for questions and practice of the skills needed as the skills build one upon the other. Lastly, and I think this is the program’s greatest strength, are the behaviors and personal communication capabilities of the entire staff. There are organized, warm, genuine and are greatly interested in the safe success of the students in a sport they clearly love.

I personally want to thank Dave, Kerri-Lyn, Glen, Jamie and Allan. I know that my riding career started with their efforts.

-Kelly Mac Donald