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Mature Driver Course – Recommended to Everyone

Dear Larry:

Thanks for the opportunity to thank you and anyone else that is responsible
for implementing this comprehensive program/course for senior/mature
drivers.  Gordon and I both were impressed with the content and professional
way it was presented to us.  Susan, the instructor was so knowledgeable and
had a wonderful way of disseminating the information in a clear and concise
way.  At the same time she made each and every one of us feel that we are a
segment of senior drivers that are responsible and respected on the
roadways.  After three hours of teaching and review we had a real sense of
what it is to be an informed and “more aware driver”.  Quite simply we were
deeply grateful for the time spent there and for the course that has been
designed and made so readily available for those who choose to partake in
the interest of safer driving.  We would recommend this to anyone and
everyone…not just seniors.

Thank you Susan and thank you Safety Services Manitoba!

With sincere gratitude,

Gord and Betty Sanguin