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Motorcycle Training – Fantastic From Start to Finish!

I loved the 21-hour motorcycle training course! Everything from start to finish was fantastic! I had been riding dirtbikes for most of my childhood and had always planned on getting my motorcycle license at age 16 but I never did. At the age of 44, I decided it was time. A friend of mine had taken the course earlier in the year (she too had experience), and she raved about the course as well. I appreciated everything Roland had to say. He was very insightful and down-to-earth. He made me think. I am a person who is very cautious in the first place so it actually surprised me how much I got out of his personal experiences and words of wisdom.

The weekend was even better! I had Terrilyn, Kri and Len. They were a blast! Fun, informative and positive. It was humbling to realize how limited the control I (and everyone) had in low gears! It was an eye-opener! We had pouring rain, sun, cold and heat throughout the weekend…all conditions, which I thought was a fantastic opportunity.

In the end, my anxiety got to me and I failed the test. As much as I was looking forward to the challenge test (I knew I could do that), I had to get past the “performance piece.” I was not too happy about having to spend more money to retest, but truthfully, I was happy to come back. I returned for another 4 hours, and this time I had Terrilyn and Deborah. Again…awesome! I had fun, and mostly proved to myself that I was in control of this bike. I passed with 3 demerits and a smile. I just wanted to let you know that I thoroughly enjoyed my time and learned so very much!

Thanks again for a really fantastic experience!!!

Lynne Couture